Job Description
General Manager / Golf Professional
Authority and Scope:
Reporting to the Board of Directors the General Manager/ Pro (GM/Pro) will manage all aspects of Maple City Country Club (MCCC).
The GM/Pro is responsible for the overall leadership, management, and administration of the Club’s business and facilities. This includes its activities and the relationships between the facility, its members, employees, government, and the community.
As the Team Leader, the GM/Pro provides planning, marketing, control, direction and monitoring of all operations, programs, and services.
The GM/Pro reports directly to the Board typically through the President or their delegate.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. To manage the Club’s business as established by the Board of Directors by:
Managing all staff in accordance with Club policies and provincial legislation.
Establishing procedures to carry out the objectives and policies established by the Board.
Authorizing expenditures within the prescribed limits and budgets established by the Board.
Preparing annual operating and capital budgets for the Board’s review and approval. In addition, prepare 5 and 10 year financial forecasts as required by the Board.
Preparing and maintaining records that are required for the successful operation of the Club.
Supervising all staff by ensuring their duties and responsibilities are properly defined and efficiently performed through the heads of each department.
Carry out yearly performance reviews of department heads and managers and provide direction and training options as required.
Acting as the Team Leader at MCCC, conduct regular department head meetings.
Attending all meetings as required or requested in relation to the Club’s business operations.
  1. To ensure the golf course is maintained in optimum condition by:
Through the Course Superintendent, monitoring all course operations.
Ensuring the Course Superintendent is advised of any changes or improvements that may be required from time to time.
  1. To ensure the Food & Beverage operation is up to standard by:
Co-ordinating the preparation of menus for banquets, special events, dining room, price structures, etc. in conjunction with the Bar & Dining Supervisor and the Chef, including the dining room’s operation efficiency and service.
Ensure billings for events and special functions held in the Club are properly and accurately processed by all parties involved.
  1. To ensure all golfing and social activities are handled in a professional manner, and provide excellent service and value to the Club’s members by:
Developing and administering the scheduling and nature of all golf events held at the Club, both inside and outside events.
Ensuring the golf shop is staffed and operated at a professional level, providing optimal service to the members. 
Ensure the continuation of the extremely successful junior golf program at MCCC.
Regularly communicating with members about Club activities, events, news, etc. via the newsletter, by email, or on the club’s website as appropriate.
  1. To ensure the MCCC’s buildings and property are maintained in superior operating condition by:
Monitoring the requirements of any repairs or improvements that may need to be done inside or outside of the buildings and property and ensure they are carried out.
Maintain and regularly update the projected property and maintenance schedule.
Ensuring the maintenance & cleaning of the buildings and that all property is properly maintained.
  1. To ensure the administration procedures and operations are properly and efficiently performed by:
Overseeing the office and administration functions through the Office Administrator by ensuring the financial statements are prepared monthly, overdue accounts are followed up, purchases and accounts receivables are properly recorded.
Ensure that all administrative functions of MCCC are carried out using the current best practices in the business and in an efficient manner.
Ensuring memberships are billed in accordance with the fees structure established by the Board.
Ensuring all new member applications are reviewed and approved by the Board, and subsequently processed in a timely and efficient manner.
Ensuring all invoices are correct and prepared for signature by the President or other authorized person on the Board.
Preparing agenda and documents for all Board and committee meetings as required. Acts as recording Secretary for all Board and AGM meetings.
Serves as ex-officio member of all Committees prepares and maintains minutes from those meetings.
  1. To ensure the President and the Board are informed of the status of all Club operations by:
Recording and providing them with minutes of all Board meetings.
Prepare a detailed monthly report to the Board including detailed financial updates, reports from committee meetings, and any other information or details that will require the Boards approval.
Reporting/communicating to them regarding any significant changes or issues that are outside the Club’s normal/usual day to operations, whenever they occur.
Minimum college or university degree in Business or Management, and/or related industry experience in a similar position.
CPGA status preferred.
Must have excellent communication skills.
Must have demonstrated leadership, supervisory, and organizational abilities.
Compensation will be commensurate with education and experience.
The overall compensation package will include a base salary provided by MCCC. 
The GM/Pro, at their expense, will be responsible to purchase and stock the Pro Shop at MCCC to its current levels of merchandise and will retain all revenues generated from the sales of the same.
* Although this job description outlines specific duties, the employee must recognize that duties and responsibilities may be modified, added, or removed from time to time as operations of the Club require.